Watch:An 8 year Ukraine girl confronts a Russian soldier telling him to go back to his country.


Joe Igbokwe has reacted to the picture of an 8-years-old Ukrainian girl confronting a Russian soldier in the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces. Joe Igbokwe said, “An 8 year Ukraine girl confronts a Russian soldier telling him to go back to his country. This is courage simplicity.”

This is indeed courage. But the parent of the child should have looked after her very well. To face a soldier at such an age might be brutal. The war between the two countries is about legitimacy. Ukraine wants to be part of NATO and Russians are saying no. Why? Because a NATO station next to Russia will lead to a brutal war, if not World War III. No country as strong as Russia will allow its neighbors to abhor NATO.

It happened in Cuba, China and Russia wanted to have a military base in Cuba in the 70s, but the US which is a neighbor to Cuba and anti-communist and socialist ideology looked at this as a threat to democratic excellence which its preaches. So, they pressured Cuba with different sanctions and for the sake of peace, Cuba rejected the help coming from the Russians.

So it is unfortunate for the war to have gone to this extent. This war can simply be resolved through negotiations. The Ukrainians just need to fulfill their agreement with the Russians that the government will not allow NATO base in its country and hopefully, the Russians will pull out. War analysts have opened that the money that will be needed to rebuild Ukraine after the war will be enormous that the country might run into depth for years.
Watch the video below


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