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WARNING- DISTURBING PICTURES: Nomatter Mutandwa Drops Dead After Mutoriro Drugs Hit Own Baby


These are some of the effects of illegal drugs on babies in the womb: a mother of one, Nomatter Mutandwa has dropped dead a year after her child came out with disturbing deformities.

She was a drunken drug addict who even after birth, used to leave the child at home to go the pubs, a source tells ZimEye.

Nomatter failed to reach the age of 23 after suffering from drug addiction and giving birth to a deformed baby. The orphan, was taking the deadly mutoriro, “crystal methamphetamine,” known for its instant suspensive attack on the human brain.

Nomatter’s baby boy, named, Sky, is now without mother and a split lip condition whose slit stretches up to the forehead.

The development comes at a time a 29-year-old man who admitted to using “Mutoriro” was last year jailed for two and half years. Mathew Hopkins was initially jailed for four years when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Mr Munamato Mutevedzi charged with possession of dangerous drugs.

Mr Mutevedzi set aside 18 months of the sentence for five years on condition that he does not commit a similar offence within that period.

Hopkins told the court that he bought the crystal methamphetamine in Mbare, Harare for personal consumption. In sentencing Hopkins, Mr Mutevedzi said the abuse of such drugs was on high prevalence among youths.

The Chief Magistrate said the Government and other stakeholders should raise awareness on the dangers of using such dangerous drugs.

Mr Mutevedzi said if the abuse is left unchecked, the country risks be a nation of zombies.


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