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Video:Makhadzi To Be Arrested After Pushing A Girl Offstage?| Update On Injured Girl


Makhadzi is now facing backlash from her fans for deliberately pushing down one of her dancers.

It has since been reported that the unnamed dancer who fell offstage after getting pushed by Makhadzi sustained a serious injury on her knees.

The sad incident took place in North West this Saturday where Makhadzi was performing at a local club called Moonlight Tarven.

Social media is still divided on the issue with some calling for the arrest of the beloved artist.

From the video, Makhadzi who was holding a mic and a bottle of water could be seen dancing next to two of her female dancers.

Unfortunately, one of the dancers encroaches to her dancing area while carrying a bottle of water.

She could be seen splashing water on Makhadzi.

Some fans believe this could have been the reason why Makhadzi ‘angrily’ pushed her away from her.

One of the social media commentaries has blamed Makhadzi for pushing the dancer to her injury and has seen the incident as deliberate and premeditated.

If taken up to the law authorities and courts, the incident could be taken as a premeditated act that led to the girl’s injury and could lead to the performer’s arrest.

Watch the video below and give us your comments;

After the incident, the popular performer could be seen trying to help out the girl from the ground as she is remorseful of what she had done.


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