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Ndine Nyoka inorara neni yondipa Mari – Confessions


I am a man aged 38 and I stay in Borrowdale. I am a successful businessman and my empire is only growing. My problem is I am single and I will always be single. Every woman that I date or sleep with dies and this is because of nyoka inondipa mari.

The rules are every 3 months I have to give a sacrifice in form of blood and I noticed the easy way to do that is just to use my money and get any woman I wanted. The moment she just says yes or sleeps with me that’s it my snake will take care of the rest.

My challenge is however that every night this snake demands S.E.X from me and I can’t say NO. It comes to me as a woman in my dreams and it’s always a different woman every night. I am not complaining don’t get me wrong, with a life like mine driving the latest Range Rover and owning a few businesses, what is a night with a snake.

Anyways when I dream of these women, the next morning I wake up and I have lots of money in the house. My family have tried to go kumaporofita and fix me after I dated mwana wepaNext Door akazofa but I told them to mind their business.

Working hard chete doesn’t pay you need to have help from vadzimu and nyoka and life will be easy. Have Fun Zimbabwe isu we have money to attend to.


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