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Operation Dudula turns against South Africans


Members of the extremist xenophobic vigilante group have been accused by South African vendors in Alexandra township of forcing them to pay protection fees after they were given vending stalls which belonged to foreigners who were chased from Pan Africa Mall.

South Africa media reported that one of the women, who asked not to be named for fear of being harassed, said members of Dudula have demanded money and other supplies in return for giving her space for her stall at the mall, which they secured by driving away foreign merchants.

Dudula members are also said to be asking for bail money for arrested members who were nabbed after a bloody confrontation with foreigners.

Alexandra Dudula Movement leader Simon Rati, said there are selected members who are collecting money to pay for a lawyer to represent the arrested members.

“He will represent them for free but he has asked us to help him with transport and accommodation,” said Rati “We are not funded and the money will come from our members and some of them are vendors.

He also said for those who don’t have money at the time Dudula members approach them, they must tell our collectors to come later after making sales.


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