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TENSION: Watch as Dineo Ranaka interviews baby daddy Blaklez on her new podcast Open ID


Dineo Ranaka interviewed her second baby daddy Cliff Lesego also known by his rap name Blaklez. She release the interview on her upcoming podcast called Open ID with Dineo Ranaka on the 6th of April. She is a presenter of the midday show called The Bridge on Metro FM. Dineo and Blaklez had a somewhat turbulent relationship in the past, and it was public knowledge. Dineo told the media that the rapper wasn’t a present father in their child’s life, but they later agreed on co-parenting in 2018.

Dineo released a snippet of their interview, and it looks deep and dramatic. Core issues of why the two broke up in the first place will arise. Dineo tells Lesego he didn’t want anything to do with her in the snippet. Blaklez keeps saying she did him wrong. We see Dineo crying as she’s battling to cope with the things she hears from her baby daddy. Blaklez later calls Dineo a crazy woman. Drama is galore.

Mzansi reacts to Dineo’s podcast interview.

Mzansi has a lot of mixed reactions to the upcoming podcast. Some people think the interview is fake since Dineo is trying to promote the podcast. Others are eager to see the drama from the interview and the podcast. Everyone is quite aware Dineo is a vocal woman, and she’s also very aggressive. Podcasts are more explicit than radio, and a lot will be said with her mouth.

Dineo Ranaka interviews baby daddy Blaklez on her new podcast Open ID
Dineo Ranaka during the interview: Credit: Instagram/Dineo Ranaka

Relationship of the parents on Dineo’s Diary

Dineo once had a reality show called Dineo’s Diary. She and Lez were dating on the show, and she was expecting his child. In one of the episodes, a girl spoke to Blaklez, and she got jealous. Dineo confronted her and said, “The only good thing about you is your weave.” Mzansi caught that line, and it became one of the biggest jokes ever. Despite just that particular episode, the two were often quarrelling, which was toxic. When they broke up, Mzansi wasn’t surprised at all.

6 April success prediction

People are eager to see the first interview. Despite the two having a very public breakup, we never got the root cause. Many people will subscribe and tune in. Dineo also has a lot of fans for her radio work, and they’ll want to hear her original stuff.

Dineo’s current career boss moves

Currently, Dineo is busy branching out her wings to greater heights. She recently released her single titled Ukhona. She is now also the owner of a vegan make-up brand Luv DR Beauty. Soon, she will start releasing episodes from her podcast

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