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Zimbabweans Can Now Apply For Passports Online


The Registrar-General’s Office has made it more convenient for Zimbabweans to apply for passports as they can now apply for the newly-introduced e-passport online.

The online passport application system is reportedly capable of serving 20 people every 20 minutes.

Applicants have to pay US$120 for an ordinary passport and US$220 for an emergency passport.

An Express Passport Office Centre was recently opened at the Registrar-General’s Office in Harare to specifically handle online applications.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail, the manager of the Express Passport Office Centre Terence Mutemararo, said:

When the e-passports were launched last year, it was made clear that they will be two categories of applications: One with a seven-day turnaround which we started with and now we have introduced the Express Centre that issues passports 48 hours from the time of applications.

The main purpose of the Express Centre is to bring convenience to those who need emergency passports. There are a lot of people that might be working but their time is limited, so they can simply book a time and get the passports at their earliest time of convenience.

The major purpose of online booking is to de-congest this place and make sure that people come at their accorded time slots.

It is capable of serving 20 people every 20 minutes given the number of booths we have and the number of people serving inside.

The online passport system address is expresscentrezw.com and it gives instructions on available booking schedules.

The website also gives an applicant further instructions to complete the application process.


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