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‘I HAVE FIVE OTHER CHILDREN’. . . Seh Calaz offers Moira US$50


DANCEHALL chanter, Seh Calaz, is offering to pay US$50 for the upkeep of his son with Moira Knight.

In his response to Moira’s US$2 000 maintenance claim, the Mabhanditi boss, through his lawyer, claims he has five other minor children aged 10, 8, 4, 3 and one.

Seh Calaz argued his status as a public figure amounts to nothing in the Zimbabwean context and the court must ignore it in making a determination.

He said his ex-wife’s demands were based on unsubstantiated allegations and she put him in a league which is way out of his reach.

The musician claims he only earns approximately US$320 which he breaks down into rent US$80, food US$40, transport US$30, electricity US$15, maintenance for other five children US$115 and US$30 for career development costs.

However, Moira is demanding US$2 000 per month, US$2 450 as a once-off payment for equal share of the two’s matrimonial property and medical fees.

DURING HAPPIER TIMES… Seh Calaz and Moira Knight

She is demanding US$300 in rentals, electricity (US$120), Gas (US$45), Maid (US$100), Clothes (US$110) and Transport (US$100).

The two broke up sometime last year.

“Moira has made imaginary submissions about Seh Calaz’s income.

“The submissions are premised under a mistaken view that, as a celebrity, he is earning a fortune, which is far from being the case,” said Seh Calaz’s lawyer.

“In the instant matter, the claim is premised on speculative information.

“Claims for things like rent, medical expenses and electricity, which can be backed by documentary evidence, have not been substantiated by such evidence.”

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The Dai Ndine Mari singer also claims Moira has been lying before the court.

“To be precise, Moira is lying that the minor child is in need of monthly check-ups, since he was born prematurely.

“She also lied that I have never contributed anything towards the child’s upkeep and the value of the property we acquired,” claimed the singer.

His lawyer said Seh Calaz was struggling at the moment.

“He is struggling at the moment, due to Covid-19 restrictions, which resulted in the cancellation of live shows from which he derives income.”

The entertainer has denied ever earning between US$1 800 and US$2 000 a month.

He claims he has never staged a show, which has earned him more than US$100, in the past 36 months.

“I do not own a recording studio, I own a record label – YALA Nation – which is basically a project where I identify talented artists from Mbare and other ghettos and help them record for free.

“I do that as part of my duties to give back to the community that raised me and supported me during my early days as an upcoming artist,” he claims.

Yesterday, the singer posted pictures of himself with some of his children, garnering support from his fans, who saluted him for being a responsible man.

The hearing of the matter continues today at the Harare Civil Court before magistrate Judith Taruvinga.


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