VIDEO: Heartless Zimbabwean housemaid puts crying baby to sleep with her foot


In a world where thousands, if not millions of child abuse cases are being reported, you would think people have learned about things to do and not do concerning children, only to find out we really still have a long way to go with the abuse awareness.

We have come across a saddening clip of an alleged housemaid abusing the baby who seems to be a year older. In the video, she can be seen putting her foot on the toddler’s face claiming how could she make use of her hands when she has feet for the job.

“Chema, tinokutsika kudai oh, Precious, ku exerciser hutsinye kana munhu achichema. Unongomutsika kudai oh, oka zunguza zunguza zunguza kudai oh, kano nyarara. Ku exerciser hutsinye“, she says as she puts the baby to sleep.

It seems working as the poor baby keeps quiet and tries sleeping, once the maid sets her foot in her face. She continuously does it until the baby starts really crying before she finally sticks her big toe in her mouth in order to shut her up.

Watch the video:


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