Home News Car coffin. . . Boss Obby Karombe rocks even in death

Car coffin. . . Boss Obby Karombe rocks even in death


A COFFIN which resembled a top-of-the-range car, colleagues who flew in from South Africa and some of the A-listers on the Harare socialite scene…

Well, it was a funeral for a King, in this case, a king of bling whose death, in a car crash, has been the talk of town this week.

It appears South Africa-based dealer, Obert Karombe, lived large and, his farewell yesterday at his farm in Beatrice, was quite a big deal.

There were even reports that some of Karombe’s female counterparts were turned away from the funeral.

Known as Boss Obby, his coffin has left tongues wagging.

Resembling a top-of-the-range car, which was in line with his love for flashy vehicles, the coffin created a lot of debate on social media circles.

Some said it was built while he was still alive, according to his specific interests.

Some suggested he borrowed the idea from West Africa.


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