Home News Harare woman burns ex-hubby in fight over their house

Harare woman burns ex-hubby in fight over their house


A HARARE man sustained burns on his face and hands after being attacked by his ex-wife.

The couple is fighting for a house.

The ex-wife, Emilia Muunganirwa, alleges Herbert Zuze was a violent man, who has been assaulting her and taking property from the house.

She has approached the Harare Civil Courtseeking a protection order against Zuze.

She said:

“He is sending me away from our matrimonial home, which we built together.

“When we divorced, we shared our property equally, and he took some of his blankets with him.

“He came yesterday (Tuesday) and assaulted me, taking the blankets which belonged to me.

“He always threatens to beat me every day until l move out of the house.”

In defence, Zuze said:

“She is lying as she is the one who insults and assaults me.

“At one time, she scalded me with water after I told her to move out of the house.
“I built this house with my first wife but she is fighting for ownership and she is lying that we built it together.

“I went to church for a week and that is when l found her at the house.

“This is our second time here coming for a protection order.”

Magistrate Tamara Chibindi dismissed the application and said the duo was using the court to fight their estate issues


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