Watch Harare Man gets stuck during Lulalula with his friend’s wife – VIDEOS


There was chaos and drama after a married woman was stuck with his friend’s husband whilst they were playing the adult game. The videos have flooded social media.

Check the videos inbetween as we take you throw this shamefull act…

According to the videos, the husband of the married wife had been suspecting for a long time that his wife was cheating on her with his friend, but whenever he questioned them both they denied it.
So he then consulted a traditional healer and decided to lock his wife’s privates so that the next time she indulged in the adult game, she would get stuck.

And as he suspected, the two were at it again and this time when they tried to go apart after the game they couldn’t.

Narrating the ordeal, the busted married lady said they were playing their game around 7 Pm and were stuck like that the whole night until they were busted by the hubby.

The man who was caught with the married lady first claimed that he didnot know that the lady was married, and said he wasn’t aware that his friend was actually the husband of the lady.



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