Home News Armed Riot Police Officers Deployed In Harare Ahead Of #ShutDownZimbabwe

Armed Riot Police Officers Deployed In Harare Ahead Of #ShutDownZimbabwe


As Zimbabwe shutdown protest call gains momentum, truckloads of armed riot police officers have been deployed in Harare’s Central Business District (CBD) in anticipation of a planned national shutdown on Monday.

Zimbabwe’s security services have been put on high alert to clamp down on any protests amid indications of possible civil unrest.

Truckloads of riot cops in full gear were spotted driving along Harare’s streets and two spent the better part of Saturday parked near the popular Africa Unity Square.

Confirming the development, National police spokesperson Paul Nyathi told NewZimbabwe.com that the deployment of riot police officers on the streets was “just about showing visibility” and not to suppress the looming protests.

“It is about police visibility. We are just maintaining police visibility as per our constitutional mandate, so there is nothing sinister about police patrolling whether on foot or using vehicles,” Nyathi said.

The deployment of armed police officers comes after civil society organisations, university students, teachers and nurses called for a national shutdown on Monday, 9 May.

Activists and civic groups came up with the planned protest to force Government into addressing the rising cost of living, transport crisis and rising inflation among other challenges.

The planned protests, running under the #ShutDownZimbabwe have been trending on social media for a week now.

Meanwhile, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Ndavaningi Mangwana, has warned those who are planning to join the planned stay away.

“Do you want to be unproductive? That is your baby. Do you want to try to stop someone from going where they want to go or doing what they want to do or fending for their family? The law will do its power to stop you!,he tweete 


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