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I Was Arrested For Breaking Teapots, Not Domestic Violence – Fantan Fumes After Court Appearance


Music producer DJ Fantan, real name Arnold Kamudyariwa, has taken to his Instagram page and slammed local tabloid H-Metro after it reported that he was arrested after locking up his wife in their house before assaulting her.

He also refuted reports that he was on the run following the incident.

Fantan shared a copy of the police document that indicates that he was arrested for breaking teapots, wine glasses, dishes and jugs that have a value of US$250.

It reads:

“The accused person is the complainant’s husband he broke the above property after a misunderstanding.”

On his Instagram page, Fantan wrote:

“A copy of the docket with real charges has surfaced and no where on the docket does it say Fantan beats women.

This information is contrary to what Journalists from the H-metro Tabloid claim to have been told by “police”. Hmetro told the world yesterday that I lock up my wife and beat her.

You told the public that I had been running from the police which is also another lie. Ndakakutadzirei kusvika pakutsvaka nyaya. I know mune pride but you owe me an apology for cyber bullying and smear campaign against me.

I would never raise my hand on a woman because I was raised by a strong woman zvekuti in my heart it hurts to be called a wife beater. God knows the truth

On Wednesday, following reports that Fantan was arrested for domestic violence, his Facebook page denied the allegation and challenged H- Metro to verify its facts before publishing its stories.

He wrote:
H-Metro do your research and get your facts straight before throwing labels on people. False accusations are a serious matter in the deen.

Wise up… chete kuti Ana H-Metro menenge muchitsvaga relevance, mavharirwa panze ne ma Bloggers ka Makutokundwa basa Nana Zimcelebs.

Nowadays vanhu vakuto truster Zimcelebs kupfuura H-Metro.


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