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AFM Pastor evicted


THE High Court has ordered a defiant local pastor to leave church premises he has been occupying.

Pastor Albert Chabvuta of the Cossam Chiangwa-led church has been refusing to leave Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe, Tynwald South Assembly, in defiance of a Supreme Court judgment.

Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe, Tynwald South Assembly.

The order was made in favour of AFM in Zimbabwe, led by Reverend Amon Madawo, in May 2021.

Pastor Chabvuta clashed with church members, on a number of occasions, forcing some to meet for prayers outside the church premises.

He denied them access to the church truck, offices and a PA system.

Last week, Pastor Chabvuta skipped court and a default judgment was issued against him.

“The respondent is hereby evicted from Stand number 5625 Stortford Road, Harare.

“The respondent is hereby interdicted from engaging in his religious activities, or any activities, at Stand number 5625 Stortford Road, Tynwald Plots, Harare.

“The respondent pays holding over damages to the applicant in the sum of US$200 per month from the date of service of the application to the date of vacation from the property.

“The respondent shall pay costs of suit.”


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