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Iran sentences 51 people to death by stoning for adultery


Because they were caught cheating on their relationships, Iran has condemned 51 people to death by stoning.

As hardliners, a total of 23 women and 28 men are currently awaiting execution. Adultery, which is regarded a terrible sin in Islamist interpretations of the Quran, continues to be treated with a zero-tolerance approach by courts and parliamentarians.

Death by stoning in Iran entails wrapping victims in linen and burying them up to their waists in sand before being pummeled with rocks.

Those sentenced to death by stoning often experience waits of several years without knowing their execution date, with most only finding out when executioners arrive at their cell door.

Some of those currently condemned to death are only in their twenties, according to papers from the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) obtained by The Sun.
Hossein Abedini, deputy director of the NCRI’s UK representative office, told the newspaper: “The Iranian regime’s brutal practice of stoning is enshrined in the mullahs’ medieval penal code, which also permits amputation of limbs and eye-gouging.

“The mullahs’ regime is rotten to the core. Such acts of suppression are a vain attempt to contain a disgruntled society that’s on the verge of explosion.

“The victims live with the constant fear of the moment when the prison guards will open their cell door and call them out to have their sentence served.

Iran is believed to have the highest rate of executions per capita in the world, according to the Death Penalty Information Centre.


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