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Just In:‘July Moyo plots to topple Mnangagwa’ Temba Mliswa


Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has accused Minister of Local Government July Moyo for plotting to use powers from Prersident Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In an explosive Twitter thread, Mliswa said Moyo wanted to become President and could not afford to wait for Mnangagwa to get second term .

Read the unedited thread below:

Besides corruption, July Moyo is at the centre of a conspiratorial plan to use President Mnangagwa from power. As we get into the second half of the year, it won’t be a surprise to see strange events unfolding as he seeks to cement his dreams of power.

As it is, July Moyo is around 73 and if ED were to get a second term, July would be around 79 years old by the time ED finishes his second term.

July is losing sleep over this because this would mean that he won’t be President of Zimbabwe and he is having none of it.

July wants to be President of Zimbabwe badly as he says that him being a Moyo, means he is of the Royal bloodline (those that really know July , know that he is actually not a Moyo but a Zhou, he changed his surname way back)

Now, here is the thing, it has already started, you will start to hear and see some rented crowds from within ZANU PF openly criticising ED telling him to step down.

This rented mob will initially act as if they are supporting the VP and as their chorus reaches fever pitch they will show their true colours and support July.

By initially supporting VP they are simply playing the old divide and rule tactics.

As for VP, July has always maintained that he is incapable of ruling this country and lately July dismissed VP’s chances citing the way he is treating Mary saying in private ‘a thug like that can never be leadership material.’

He wants the December Congress to be an elective Congress and he has been setting up party structures through vote buying in preparation for the big day.

The US$344 million Pomona dumpsite deal was all designed to make ED look bad in the eyes of the people within ZANU PF, on that one July deliberately misled the First Family knowing how bad it will make them look.

ED needs better advisors because July is making them drink the poisoned chalice. Forget about the opposition, a lot of people within ZANU PF itself are livid. They are angry at the Pomona deal so this is playing into July’s hands.

I hope ED will realise that he is being led down a trap and move to cancel this dirty deal. If he wants to look at the real enemy, he should look no further than the enemy within.

On Harare there is more to come, over&above the 9,3 million Euro, Kruger has done extra works. He must have netted contracts in excess of US$20 million& PRAZ should look into this. What is the nature of Kruger’s contracts and why they are being given special waiver?


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