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SuperSport’s Kuda Mahachi Drops DNA Shocker, Claims Child He Allegedly Abused Is Not His


Suspended SuperSport United star Kuda Mahachi has dropped a DNA bombshell, sensationally claiming that the child he allegedly abused is not his.

The Zimbabwe Warriors winger claimed that he carried out secret DNA paternity tests, which proved that 4-year-old Diego is not his.

He accused his ex-wife, Maritha Ndlovu, of having sired the child during an adulterous relationship with a Malayitsha. Malayitsha are cross-border couriers/transporters who smuggle money and commodities across the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe Warriors star was suspended by SuperSport United FC following the horrific child abuse allegations levelled against him.

Mahachi is alleged to have scalded his 4-year-old son Diego with boiling water. These horrific injuries did not receive timely medical attention, resulting in the minor’s right foot being amputated.

He is also alleged to have smuggled the minor back into Zimbabwe through another malayitsha to avoid facing justice in South Africa.

Mahachi made the stunning claims about Diego’s paternity in a letter from his lawyers.

In the letter addressed to Maritha on May 9, Mahachi’s lawyers Tanaka Law Chambers, said,

“Our client further advises us that you were angered again by the fact that he took a child you alleged was his for DNA test, and the test revealed that the child was not his and confirmed that the child belonged to one of the malayitshas that our client used to ferry groceries to you.

“Equally, we are advised that for a number of years, our client has been maintaining this child.”

Kuda Mahachi Suspended By SuperSport United Following Horrific Abuse Allegations
Mahachi is also facing allegations of domestic violence after Marita filed a case at Norkem Park police station in Kempton Park, South Africa.

According to Maritha, Mahachi broke her hand and beat her to a pulp following a domestic dispute when they were still together.

However, Mahachi’s lawyers are claiming that all the charges are frivolous. They accused Maritha of plotting to tarnish the SuperSport United star’s image as payback for ending the relationship.

“Our client advises that ever since you and him separated, you have gone on a rampage to destroy him and, more particularly, his career as an acclaimed international football star.

“It is alleged that you have done this on several instances, and the method that you have used is the same in all the instances.”

They also accused her of trying to extort Mahachi.

“Despite all those efforts, our client did not give in to your extortionist demands,” reads the letter.

Maritha, on the other hand, scoffed at the alleged DNA paternity tests and insisted that Diego is Kuda Mahachi’s son. She also said that she had never cheated on him with a malayitsha.

Speaking to the Sunday World, Maritha said,

“He is mad. When I saw the letter, I was shocked. The child is his.

“I have never cheated on him with a malayitsha. Those allegations are laughable.”


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