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Poor s3x workers in Zimbabwe now inject themselves with blood to get high


A new report has claimed that poor s€x workers in Zimbabwe inject themselves with blood to get high.

The new trend known as flashblood or bluetoothing, requires a syringe full of blood being passed from someone who has just injected heroin to someone else who wants the drugged blood instead of heroin.

According to the report, s€x workers in Murambinda are deliberately injecting themselves with addicts’ blood in a desperate effort to share the intoxication. The s€x workers inject themselves with the intoxicated blood so that they can get high and confident enough to approach potential clients as well as to cater for their ever-changing sexual demands which of late have included an_l s€x and blow jobs.

Tafadzwa Dinga, a Microplanner under the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) funded Microplanning program being implemented by the National Aids Council (NAC) confirmed the development.

Dinga said;

Young s€x workers are taking drugs. When we ask them they usually don’t divulge that they use drugs but the evidence will be there. Some of the common drugs being taken by these youngsters include Gukka Makafela, Bronclear (Ngomwa) and Marijuana. We are also hearing that young s€x workers are now injecting each other’s blood to get high. They take blood from an intoxicated peer and deliberately inject into themselves, we have been hearing of such cases of late and we are still investigating.

Another microplanner in Murambinda, Angela Matizanadzo said it was not unusual that s€x workers in the district were drug users given the capricious sexual demands of their clients.

Angela said:

We are having a problem especially amongst our young s€x workers. Some of them are new and can’t say no to certain demands. Of late, clients have been demanding anal sex and blow jobs. For experienced sex workers, they know that it’s risky to have an_l s€x and oral s€x but our young girls are at a disadvantage.


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