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Mudendere hit maker DOBBA DON HOMELESS . . . chanter now a destitute


ZIM dancehall chanter, Dobba Don, has turned into a destitute after struggling to deal with drug abuse.

The chanter is homeless and is now roaming around in the ghetto of Mufakose, clad in tattered clothes.

Boss Bingu, who owns a studio in Mufakose, said Dobba Don was sleeping in small studios.

“He is now homeless. He sleeps in available bases such as small home studios,” he said.

“He is high, most of the time, on drugs.

“As you can see on this picture, he has been deserted by his crew.

“He usually moves around with his gang, but when he gets isolated he would be high on drugs.

“Maybe, there are also some spiritual forces behind his suffering because the situation is now worse.”

Boss Bingu insists the chanter needs help before it gets out of hand.

“The young man seriously needs help.

“We never thought he would be like this.

“He was so promising.

“It’s heart-breaking to see him in this deplorable state.

“I have even been trying to encourage those who run Dobba Don’s parody accounts to tell the truth rather than posting his old nice pictures as if it’s well,” said Boss Bingu.

Dobba Don became popular when he released the hit song Mudendere.

It was followed by other good songs which rocked the streets during the peak of Zim dancehall.


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