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Ali Family Sets 8 Conditions For Moreblessing’s Burial To Happen.


The family of murdered CCC activist Moreblessing Ali has revealed a list of demands they want to be met before her burial.

The demands include, among other things, a public apology from Pius Jamba, the prime suspect in Ali’s murder, and the arrest and conviction of all people allegedly involved in the cover-up of the crime.

Ali was kidnapped by Jamba on the night of 24 May 2022, and her body was found on 11 June in a disused well at Laina Mukandi’s homestead in Nyatsime, Beatrice.

Laina Mukandi the mother of Jamba and his half-brother, Simba Chisango, a local ZANU PF chairman. Read the Ali family’s demands below:

1. We want our family lawyer Job Sikhala to be released so that he can continue helping us on this murder case and also the leader of our search party Godfrey Sithole. No release – No burial.

2. We need to see the exact place where our sister was murdered. No crime scene visit – No burial.

3. We want an independent forensic investigation of Moreblessing’s body.

4. We want ZANU PF to stop meddling & threatening our family, they have beaten some of our family members. Any threats or abuse – No burial.

5. We want to do the final service in Nyatsime and we don’t want the Nyatsime people who caused chaos to be present in particular, Masimbi Masimbi, Maoresa and Rosemary Chadzamira and all those who have been spreading lies. Any violence – No burial.

6. We want everyone who was involved in the crime and cover-up to be arrested and convicted. No conviction – no burial.

7. We want Jamba and all the culprits to apologise immediately. A public apology, because they wronged the whole nation not just our family. No apology – no burial.

8. We demand access to see the body of Moreblessing Ali.


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