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Jealous Man Assaults Wife For Shaving Private Parts Without Permission In Phalombe Takondwa Chaseta


A 43-year-old man has assaulted his wife for shaving her private parts without taking permission from him at Migowi in Phalombe district.

Reports from anonymous source say the family has stayed together for over 20 years and are blessed with four grown up children.

Over the past years whenever the woman would want to remove the old hairs in the private part she could ask permission from the husband before removing them but this time around the husband went for a 2 months business trip and decided to remove without the permission.

“Upon the husband arrival from the trip he discovered that the hairs has been removed without his consent and that was when he became very furious up to the extent of beating and threatening his wife of divorcing her if she fails to explain better who asked her to remove the hairs,” the source said.

She added that the woman tried to convince her husband that it was one way of practicing hygiene on her body but to no avail.

“The husband reported the matter to the “ankhoswe” where he was told that there was nothing wrong since the woman attended sanitation and hygienic meeting at Chiringa few days ago, where she was taught and tried to surprise her husband about the feeling of a change in her marriage,” explained the source.

The source later said the husband has given his wife one month to stay at her parental family as a punishment of not consulting her husband before taking any action on her body since he is not convinced about the training the wife attended.

Each and every family has rules and principals that should be followed and if there is any change it is better to discuss with the partner before making it a surprise to avoid the consequences that follows.


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