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Shadaya Fumes At “Unfocused” Zimbabweans After Girlfriend Goes Viral Following Baecation


Controversial social media influencer Shadaya Knight Tawona has taken a swipe at Zimbabweans after his girlfriend went viral on social media platforms.

Shadaya was not too pleased with his compatriots after his girlfriend came under intense scrutiny after taking her on a baecation.

After becoming the most trending topic on social media, the self-proclaimed anti-feminist took to Twitter to blast Zimbabweans for being unfocused.

Said Shadaya:

And just to make it clear, I never really get fazed by all these people who have sh!t to say about me. Most of them are products of one night stands, affairs, broken homes, raised by overbearing mothers, weak fathers..

No sense of direction, live a lie, emotionally weak. They have no discipline, no will power. They lack order, all they know is chaos. No sense of accountability, just victmhood. Adults but with the mindset of a child, brain the size of a peanut…

Look at the caliber of females who have issues with me, never a virgin or any morally upright woman. It’s always these “me & my kids we’re a package deal” single mothers, ghetto rats (hungry broke chicks), slay queens (wannabes), m£ntally challenged celebs.

Social media junkies, retired soldiers (females past their prime)….And when it comes to the men, they troll me in their fake sneakers, oversized t-shirts with funny looking designs, funny & colourful hairstyles, tight jeans/trousers, characterized by funny YouTube/TikTok links.

They’ll do anything for pussy, they’re so thirsty I tell you. Now should I waste my valuable time going back n forth with such vapid p£ople? H£ll no, I’ll let them be & focus on the purpose of this page, which is to spread the redpill.

Your father is a loser that’s why his mates are sleeping with you. And why you behave like an orphan expecting a boyfriend to adopt you.

No wonder Hopewell says a lot y’all are unfocused, of all the things happening in this country, Shadaya is the #1 trend. Majoring on the minor. You haven’t suffered!!!


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