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Check The Reason Why Nhlanhla Lux cuts ties with Operation Dudula


The difference of opinion stems from Operation Dudula wanting all foreigners to leave SA, while Soweto Parliament only wants illegal foreigners out.

In a joint statement, the organisations said no way forward could be found and they had agreed to part ways and work independently.

“The two organisations have resolved to deal with these issues independently (under different brands) but in a complementary manner.

“Most importantly, based on the workload of these community-based operations and campaigns, the parties have agreed to allow Nhlanhla Lux to focus exclusively on Soweto Parliament and its programmes,” read the statement.
Anti-xenophobia and Operation Dudula protesters meet in Johannesburg
Hundreds of demonstrators from Kopanang Africa took to the streets in protest against xenophobia and the Operation Dudula movement on March 26 2022. Anti-xenophobia marchers delivered a memorandum to both the Hillbrowpolice station and Johannesburg Central police station, where Operation Dudula supporters were protesting against the arrest of their leader, Nhlanhla Lux.
Operation Dudula now targeting ‘both legal and illegal immigrants’

Operation Dudula is no longer targeting illegal immigrants only.
NEWS2 months ago
Operation Dudula’s stance has been criticised by many, including politicians Julius Malema and Mmusi Maimane.

EFF leader Malema told Podcast and Chill Dlamini and Operation Dudula’s stance was rooted in self-hate.

“Black people are not loved all over the world. And for a black person to hate another black person who is hated all over the world, what is that?

“Criminals, let’s deal with them. I have no time for thugs. I do not tolerate thugs, but I am not going to beat up a person because he is dark and ugly in my eyes,” he said.

One SA Movement leader Maimane said the operation was a “dangerous distraction that solves nothing”.

“Operation Dudula is hating on fellow Africans and I have a problem with that.”
“You are not a revolutionary, you are not a visionary, and your whole brand is built on hate. Your operation is a dangerous distraction that solves nothing.”

Previously, ANC Veterans’ League president Snuki Zikalala said Operation Dudula was “dangerous” and suggested it was exploiting the unemployed.

He said protesters must go to school and get skills instead of harassing foreign nationals.

“The majority of our youth are unemployed. I think Operation Dudula is a very dangerous movement because they saw a gap in that, they started hyping South Africans’ emotions and we are saying as the ANC that it is inhuman what they are doing,” he said.


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