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I work hard for my money – Mai TT


Mai TT shares a very touching letter after a voice note of her and her husband fighting leaked on social media. Handirarame nezvikwereti I work hard for my money. You have no idea how it feels to use all your savings expecting to be paid back then you get angry when delayed. Your anger becomes the topic but what triggered it ?? In this life, I’m owing nobody, but all I can say I lost all I sweat for because of trust. I have a big heart which loves too much

I will teach my heart to be heartless that is the only way I can protect it from harm. Many people text me and say how much are you owing we can help? Thank you but I’m not owing anybody I’m supposed to be paid back but nobody is willing to. Which is ok. God will pay me back. I have always cried to him and he replaces what has been taken and in most cases, he returns it double.

I’m speaking from a very broken heart and of course nobody cares most would say wakaura but you will also know how it feels to be crucified for being kind . Betrayed by someone you truly believed in , someone who is supposed to defend you but rather will throw you to the wolves , because I have a temper , I’m seen as crazy but what caused the temper nobody cares When you are loud you are always wrong even deep down they know you are right .

I hate myself for being me , I wish I would pretend to be who I’m not but unfortunately I can’t change me

One day when I’m gone some people will realize oh she was not so bad after all.


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