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Fresh details: Latest on Chivhu woman who slit her four children’s throats with a kitchen knife


HIGH Court judge, Justice Priscilla Munangati-Mnongwa, yesterday further remanded a Chivhu woman, who allegedly slit her four children’s throats with a kitchen knife.

Emelda Marazani is expected back in court on October 10.

Marazani appeared in court yesterday hoping for a ruling on her mental state after her lawyer filed an application, on July 14, asking for a re-examination.

Marazani was initially declared mentally stable by two psychiatrists, who separately examined her, but her lawyer expressed doubts on her mentally stability after interviewing her.

The lawyer filed the application to have her re-examined.

However, Justice Munangati-Manongwa postponed the matter, saying she had not received medical reports from the two practitioners.

“The record does not contain any report from the two medical practitioners, who are expected to examine the accused, hence it cannot proceed.

“We, therefore, postpone the matter to October 24 with the hope that the accused would have been re-examined by both practitioners.

“The evidence is vital to determine whether the accused was in her right state of mind when she committed the heinous act,” ruled Justice Munangati-Manongwa.

The judge also ordered the State to subpoena three witnesses to attend the October 24 hearing.

Marazani allegedly slit her children’s throats in 2020 after she intercepted a love text from her husband Lameck Brande’s lover.

She then locked doors to her matrimonial home and tied her children’s legs before slitting their throats, leading to their death.

Marazani then drank a pesticide, set the house on fire and walked barefooted to hand herself over to the police. The deceased children were aged one, three, five and nine


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