Home Africa News Mai TT writes touching note to Tinashe then later deleted it.

Mai TT writes touching note to Tinashe then later deleted it.


Mai Tt took to social media to express her feelings after being betrayed by husband Tinashe Maphosa. Mai Tt revealed that she was broken and couldn’t believe someone she had helped had turned against her and was now treating her as a stranger.

She posted the message on her facebook page and later deleted it. It read
“ This is ringing in my head every minute and I will not pretend to anyone, I’m broken to the last
I can’t believe someone you helped will turn against you and treat you as a total stranger because you have cried for help to his relatives. I
thank Tatenda for leaking this audio because I would not have known that today I will be labeled this munhu, you don’t know her . The same munhu covered for you even your blood do not know the truth, the same munhu never spoke low of you in public even when people mocked you, the same munhu stood for you in a lot of ways that most did not. The same munhu even wen you embarrassed her by going to Joey’s platform still stood by you. Guese thts what they mean when they say blood is thicker than water o%.


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