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How Ximex Mall Dealer Tafadzwa Murengwa Earned The Nickname Boss Pangolin


The late Tafadzwa Russel Murengwa always lived life in the fast lane as a popular dealer at Ximex Mall.

Murengwa got the name Boss Pangolin after he appeared in court for attempting to sell a pangolin at Chisipite shopping centre sometime in 2017.

He appeared in court with three accomplices facing charges of contravention of the law on trade in endangered species.

Boss Pangolin appeared in court together with Maxwell Landirani who was a soldier, Leon Tsiga who was a police officer and Kudakwashe Nyoni who was a nurse. The trio allegedly reportedly gave Tafadzwa Murengwa who was 24 at the time, a live pangolin to sell at Chisipite shopping centre in Harare.

The quartet appeared in court before Harare magistrate Mrs Nomsa Sabarauta facing charges of contravening Section 45 of the Parks and Wildlife Act (Chapter 20:14).

They were remanded in custody until September 9. It is not clear how Tafadzwa Murengwa secured his freedom but after the ordeal, he earned the moniker Boss Pangolin.

Earlier on Saturday, we reported that Murengwa committed suicide after ingesting an unknown substance.

On Friday morning, Ximex Mall dealer Boss Pangolin allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend along Simon Mazorodze Road after accusing her of cheating on him with a married man.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) later issued a statement on Saturday, providing more details on how Murengwa died.

According to the police, Murengwa committed suicide by drinking Dichlorvos 100 EC Insecticide. The statement read:

The ZRP confirms that Tafadzwa Russell Murengwa (29) who was wanted for the callous murder of Samantha Ruvimbo Dzapata (28) in Harare on 29/07/22, committed suicide by drinking Dichlorvos 100 EC Insecticide in Gletwin area, Shawasha Hills, Harare last night.

Police said they recovered Boss Pangolin’s Toyota Aqua and a Webley Revolver which is believed to be the one he used to shoot his girlfriend Samantha Dzapata. The statement read:

The Police recovered the Toyota Aqua vehicle, a 0.38 Webley Revolver loaded with four spent cartridges and one live round at the scene. The late Samatha Dzapata’s cellphone was recovered at Zindoga Shopping Centre, Waterfalls where


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