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Watch| Big Zulu blesses waitress with a big tip for kneeling down to serve him at restaurant – VIDEO


Mzansi rapper Big Zulu recently headed online to share a clip of himself generously tipping a waiter at a local eatery. In the clip, the rapper asks the waitress how much she would like and explains that she deserves a generous amount because she “showed him respect” by kneeling down while serving him his meal.

The rapper took some time to explain in his caption how gestures like hers are important and how giving good tips are equally as important.

Big Zulu is a man with traditional values and he always makes this clear.

Taking to his Instagram, the young rapper shared a clip of himself offering to give a waitress whatever tip she wants simply because she showed him respect by kneeling to serve him his meal.

He also encouraged his followers to always give when they can to help others in need.

“Zehlise mtanomuntu uzophila kahle unaphakade … inhlonipho nje … abafwethu nodadewethu basebenza kanzima for imindeni yabo nempilo … siyacela nje nibobanika amaTip nje okuse mandleni tip noma yin iyawenza umehluko,” he captioned the clip which is loosely translated to:

“Humble yourself and you will live a good life forever. Only respect. Our brothers and sisters work so hard for their families and lives. Please give them tips, whatever you can afford. Whatever it is, it will make a difference”.

Watch the video below
Many people loved the gesture and reacted to his post over one hundred times.

A lot of people commended him in the comment section for making the young lady’s day.

One person wrote:



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