Watch:3 people died| Zimbabwean Man (Sean Tsodzai)was killed by a jealous ex-boyfriend of the Lady he was in love more


It happened today in Summer Greens Cape Town. So, the accused anonzi Tinashe arikunzi aenda kunoba or akwereta mota yemumwe muZimba then he followed Sean neGirl friend yake.

These two were also walking on the pavement nemwana and the accused (Tinashe) drove the car bvanova dhuma achidarikira. He drove back and run over the guy 3 times, and he died on the spot. Musikana nemwana vaendeswa kuHospital where its reported that both passed on.
Two other people were injured in this incident. The guy then went and park the car at Century City mall kwakudzoka netsoka. Fortunately, he was caught, and he was beaten too bad by the mob. He was then handed over to the police and is now under arrest. Hanzi musikana uyu anga akatosiyana naTinashe because he was violent but anenge aisada kurambwa.

You can also watch what happened moments after the accident and also Tinashe being beaten by fellow Zimbabweans


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