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Lusaka woman wins Cheating Gold medal


LIVING up to the reputation of the nation’s capital, a woman of Lusaka has pulled off a shocking and daring stunt of marital infidelity which would definitely guarantee her a gold medal if she were to take part in the commonwealth cheating competition.

After her husband of 14 years lost his job, thirty-two year old Eneless Banda of Kanyama Compound offered to take up a job as living-in maid in the suburbs to help support him and their two children – her spouse smiled to the idea and agreed to it.

However, what 42-year old Peter Changula did not know was that his wife was in fact moving in with her lover and her job would be to provide him pleasure under the sheets every night.

After “working” for a few months, Changula heard rumours that his wife was at her parents’ place and when he went to check on her, he got the shock of his life to find that his wife breastfeeding a newly-born baby he had not fathered.

Heartbroken, Changula cried his way to the Boma Local Court where he filed to divorce his cheating wife.

In court, crestfallen and speaking barely above a whisper, Eneless admitted to moving in with her boyfriend after lying that she had found a job as a maid. She also admitted to having a child with her lover outside wedlock.

“I have nothing to say because I am guilty, I have another man’s child and I do not want to continue with the marriage,” Eneless told the court.

By her own admission, the court established that Eneless was responsible for the crumbling marriage.

Senior Local Court Magistrate Contrudah Kamono divorced the couple and ordered Eneless to compensate her former husband with K10,000.

The court also ordered the couple’s two children aged 11 and 13 years respectively to be in the custody of their father.


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