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Fuel attendant arrested for faking robbery in Kadoma


A fuel attendant allegedly faked a robbery after he detonated a cash safe using explosives at Macsherp Business Complex in Kadoma.

The fuel attendant, who has since been arrested, is alleged to have tried to destroy evidence by attempting to raze down the business complex after having stolen an undisclosed amount of money at the business.

He reportedly used explosives which detonated the cash safe and destroyed part of the building.

A 20-litre container with petrol was found in the building, indicating the fuel attendant’s intention to blow up the property.

Property owner Jimaya Muduvuri says he is counting his blessings after the whole complex was saved from the effects of the explosion.

“I really want to thank the police for their timeous intervention as they managed to arrest the suspect and recover some of the money,” he said.

One of the line managers, Jestinos Madzingira and security guard, Kainos Kaurai spoke on the incident in which part of the recovered money is said to have been found covered underneath human excretion.

Said Madzingira, “I was here when the explosion occurred. We were not so sure what could have been the cause of explosion until we recovered some of the explosives within the room sheltering the safe. That made us suspect the fuel attendant on duty since he had the keys to the room.”

“Part of the money was recovered, about US$1200 underneath some human feaces near a rail line close to the complex. The suspect tried to escape from the police while in handcuffs but was apprehended.”

Zimbabwe Republic Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident.

Forensic experts have since attended the scene for further investigations.


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