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Mliswa claims to have further proof to bring down Wadyajena, and he calls for the resignation of the member of parliament.


Temba Mliswa, a lawmaker from Norton, claims to have a mountain of evidence to indict Justice Mayor Wadyajena, a Zanu PF MP embroiled in a US$5 million Cotton Company of Zimbabwe (Cottco) embezzlement case.

The outspoken lawmaker, who leads the Zimbabwe chapter of the Africa Parliamentary Network Against Corruption (APNAC), demanded that Wadyajena be removed from his position as chair of the agricultural committee during a speech he gave in parliament on Thursday.

Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) agents arrested Wadyajena on Monday; he was subsequently released on bail the following Thursday after pleading not guilty to fraud and money laundering accusations.

Along with suspended Cottco MD Pious Manamike, firm VP of Marketing Maxmore Njanji, and interim VP of Procurement Fortunate Molai, he is facing charges.

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The gang stole the money on the pretext of buying bales for the state-owned enterprise but instead used it to buy 25 vehicles for Wadyajena’s business.

It has been claimed that Wadyajena, as chairman of parliament’s agricultural committee, used his influence to curry favor with the top brass of Cottco in order to steal money from the corporation.

Mliswa said he had previously informed parliament about Wadyajena’s corruption but was overlooked since the 41-year-old MP was the “blue-eyed kid” of parliament.

Moreover, he claimed that several members of parliament on his committee may have benefited from the affair alongside Wadyajena.

How do people now hold Parliament, how do people hold the current government, and how do people hold the governing party when they are defending the chairperson

Mliswa remarked, “To me, it is this Parliament that is assisting corruption since I brought this problem up and was not responded; also, Wadyajena has been embroiled in several controversies previously.”

Parliament should be as fast as it did when it created a Privileges Committee to probe bribery charges against him while he was still head of the mining committee. He was exonerated of the charge after some time passed.

He said, “I also have proof on him (Wadyajena) with SFG providing him money and he never presented that SFG before that Parliamentary Committee, despite they were an agricultural firm.

Right now, with immediate effect, he has to go. Even though it’s not technically required, following this recommendation is always a good idea.

His colleagues no longer hold him in high regard, and the once-promising advocate for vakuru in this legislature has now been dethroned.

Because of the gravity of these dealings, I have no doubt that he will have a similar failure with other parties. To refute the claim that “as Parliament, we cannot fight for corruption and expose Ministers, yet we are at the forefront of it,” I have proof and will present it to ZACC.

Deputy Speaker Tsitsi Gezi declined to address Mliswa’s concerns, stating that the matter was now before the courts.

You also brought up Hon. Wadyajena, and although I would want to respond, I am unable to do so at this time since the case is pending before the courts


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