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Wadyajena tells ZACC to take his cars and homes because he is moving to Gokwe.


Justice Mayor Wadyajena, the Member of Parliament for ZANU PF’s Gokwe-Nembudziya constituency, has instructed the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) to take every piece of property he owns, claiming that he will move to Gokwe if they do not comply with their demand.

Wadyajena, who is accused of bribery to the tune of US$5 million and was detained together with four top managers of Cotton Company (COTTCO) last week, made the comments in his district, where he was greeted like a hero. Wadyajena is one of the defendants in the case.

After spending two nights in detention for the alleged transfer of cash meant for subsistence farmers to his truck business, his words came just over a week after he was given ZW$200,000 by a court in Harare. The incident occurred over the suspected diversion of monies.

South Africa is becoming an increasingly dubious future for Zimbabweans.

On Monday, the ZACC took possession of about 22 trucks that were registered under Mayor Logistics. This comes only two days after the impounding of two high-end automobiles in Beitbridge, where it was reported that he was attempting to smuggle the vehicles out of the country.

In the meanwhile, the High Court has issued an order to attach Wadyajena’s whole fleet of trucks for a period of thirty days; nonetheless, he claims that this will not move him. While speaking to ZANU PF supporters at a local school in his constituency, he made the following statement:

Let them take the vehicles, let them take the trucks, and if they want my residences, let them come and take those as well.

I was born and raised in this region; should things deteriorate here, I will return. I took a bag with me when I left this location, and if things do not go as planned, I will return here with the bag.

People have been overheard saying things like, “I will go to parliament on a bicycle or a ZUPCO,” and I don’t understand what the problem is with that. Are persons who go by bus and bicycle not considered to be people? I will put those to good use.

Local journalist Hopewell Chin’ono is of the opinion that if Wadyajena, whom he considers to be a “small fish,” stole at least $5 million, then his seniors must have stolen billions to the detriment of the country of South Africa. Chin’ono is of this opinion because of Chin’ono’s belief that Wadyajena is a “small fish.”

He asserts that the reason Zimbabwe’s economy is in such a dire position and has completely collapsed is because of corruption.


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