Home News DJ Fantan’s ex-wife Gamuchirayi threatens to commit suicide

DJ Fantan’s ex-wife Gamuchirayi threatens to commit suicide


DJ Fantan’s ex-wife Gamuchirayi threatens
Zimdancehall music producer and Chillspot Records co-owner DJ Fantan, real name Arnold Kamudyariwa, allegedly abandoned his wife Gamuchirai Nemukuyu and married his small house Vimbai Muponda.

DJ Fantan’s ex-wife Gamuchirayi Nemukuyu threatened to commit suicide after the ChillSpot Records boss allegedly changed ownership of their Chitungwiza house and she was also ordered by her landlady, only identified as Shamiso, to move out of her house in Houghton Park by the end of the month.

“I would rather die and leave him with the children than watch them suffer. “Ndobva pamba pacho and go where since he changed ownership of our Chitungwiza house into his name. We built the house together, but he is now the sole owner,” said Gamuchirai.

When Gamuchirai was being interviewed by the state owned H Metro tabloid she was complaining that the landlady was supposed to give her notice but she might have given it to Fantan who is no longer residing at her house and the landlady is aware that Fantan moved out of the house.

“Fantan might have been given a notice of eviction and decided not to tell me. Why would the landlady give Fantan a notice when I am the one who has been staying at the house?” she said.


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