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Weird Things That Happened At The Comrades Marathon 2022


This year Comrades Marathon was a hype of activity. Almost 16 000 (including 1 500 from foreign countries) runners participated in the famous Comrades Marathon. The marathon was held for the first time after two years following the Covid-19 restrictions.

It looks like the runners were all geared up for this year’s edition. Weird and not-so-weird things happened at the Comrades Marathon 2022.

Comrades Marathon Runner Runs 90KM For Bae And Proposes

Comrades Marathon
Comrades Marathon runner Joseph Kagiso Ndlovu proposes to his girlfriend Prudence

This year Comrades Marathon returned with a bang as one of the runners decided to pull off a grand romantic gesture.

Joseph Kagiso Ndlovu from Tuks Athletics Club decided to propose to his girlfriend Prudence during the Comrades Marathon

He held up a banner stating: “Prudence, will you marry me? Run 90k for you,” while he approached the finish line

Watch the video below:

Funky Purple Wig & Taking Selfies During The Race

While one of the runners at the Comrades marathon decided to spice up the race by wearing a funky purple wig. Another runner decided to document the race as he took videos some selfies and videos of himself during the race.

Comrades Marathon Runner Collapses And Dies

Mzamo Mthembu (Image credit: Swisherpost

Hollywoodbets Athletics Club member, Mzamo Mthembu, died on Sunday while running the Comrades Marathon Route in KwaZulu-Natal.

Mthembu reportedly had complications along the marathon route and collapsed in Pinetown. He was taken to Life Westville Hospital where he sadly died.

Hollywoodbets Athletics Club has since confirmed his death saying;

“It’s a dark day! It is with a heavy heart to announce the passing of Hollywoodbets Athletics Club athlete Mzamo Mthembu who was doing the Comrades Marathon yesterday.

“He had complications along the route and collapsed in Pinetown and was taken to Westville Hospital where he sadly passed away. Condolences to the entire #Purple family, Mthembu family and friends. May his soul rest in peace.”

Uzalo Actor Detective Nyawo Graces The 2022 Comrades Marathon Race

South African actor Cebolenkosi Mthembu, who plays detective Nyawo in Uzalo also participated in Comrades Marathon’s race.

Speaking on the race, Cebolenkosi Mthembu revealed that this year’s competition was difficult.

Marathons are not for the faint-hearted. I had so many stops this time compared to the other years. Perhaps not having enough time to train was the reason,” Cebolenkosi said.


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