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Zimbabwean Soldier heavily bashes and stabs girlfriend for having a lula lula affair with another man


A soldier has been arrested over allegations that he assaulted his girlfriend before stabbing her for allegedly cheating on him.

A source said Corporal Prosper Ncube (31) and his live-in girlfriend Silindiwe Mpofu (37) went to a drinking hole in Mpopoma suburb for booze on Saturday.

They enjoyed themselves at the drinking spot until his lover left him at about 9.30pm and headed home.

While he was at the drinking spot he eavesdropped on imbibers claiming that one of them was in love with Mpofu. He continued boozing and left the drinking spot at around 11.30pm and went home.

When he got home he reportedly accused his lover of cheating on him. Mpofu denied the accusation and that did not matter to him as he allegedly bashed her.

“He landed fists on her and kicked her while accusing her of cheating on him and hurled insults at her branding her a pr0stitute,” said the source.

He allegedly stabbed her with a kitchen knife and she suffered injuries to her shoulder and left arm.

The woman screamed for help and neighbours dashed to the scene and restrained Ncube.

The incident was reported to the police leading to the arrest of Ncube.

Bulawayo police spokesperson confirmed the incident but could not offer a comment.

The suspect is expected to appear at the Western Commonage courts.


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