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‘Ginimbi Was High On Cocaine’ – DJ Towers Fired Over Ginimbi Sentiments | Ms Shally Speaks Out!


DJ Towers, a well-known beggar, has gotten a lot of public criticism for what he said about the late socialite and businessman Genius Ginimbi Kadungure.

In a live Instagram live stream, Towers was caught criticizing the late businessman and saying that his death was caused by his gross negligence.

He went on to say that Ginimbi was driving while high on cocaine when he and three other friends were killed in an accident.

As if this wasn’t enough, Towers said that he was sorry he met Ginimbi before his new blesser, Passion Java.

His utterances would come as a surprise to most Zimbabweans who witnessed Towers swearing loyalty to Ginimbi when he was still alive. Source – iHarare

Reacting to the development, Ginimbi’s former manager, Ms Shally has penned an open letter to Towers writing:


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