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South African Hospitals Now Charging Zimbabweans Separately


South African hospitals have started charging foreigners separately from locals in a bid to relieve the country’s overwhelmed public health system.

In a notice circulating on social media, Steve Biko Academic Hospital now charges foreign nationals R2 533 for a bed daily, R9 266 for normal birth and R12 586 for caesarean birth.

This comes days after Limpopo Province Health Minister, Phophi Constance Ramathuba was recorded taunting a helpless patient on a hospital bed.

Ramathuba, who is also a medical doctor was recorded telling off a Zimbabwean patient that she is not obliged to operate on a foreign national.

Said Ramathuba;

You are killing my health system, when you guys are sick I hear you just say – let’s cross Limpopo, there is an MEC there who is running a charity department but this is not a charity department.

I am going to tell you something that is truthful and painful, you know Stats SA goes to count people during census and tell that in Limpopo you have 5,7 million people, and tell me that out of 5,7 million 91 % do not have medical aid.

They are dependent on the State and only nine percent depend on private doctors.

Now I’m here, instead of using the budget for what it’s meant for I’m operating for what Mnangagwa is supposed to do.

That is why when my people of Limpopo want health services, they can’t get it and that is angering the community.

… you are not even registered anyway, you are not counted. You are even illegal and you are abusing me. This is unfair.

The video evoked mixed emotions, with most Zimbabweans heartbroken on sight of their countryman enduring such humiliation.


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