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Trouble In Paradise: Yahya Goodvibes & Mpondasugar Breakup Again


There could be trouble in radio presenter, Yahya Goodvibes and boyfriend, Mpondasugar’s paradise after the two unfollowed each other on Instagram.

This is not the first time these two have made headlines over breakup rumours.

Not so long ago, Yahya took to social media confirming her separation from Mpondasugar. While the reasons for the estrangement were not disclosed, Yahya said no one was at fault.

She wrote:

It’s always great pleasure working
I would like to announce that Yahyagoodvibes has changed management and for any inquiries please contact yahya goodvibes management on the new line 0779 177 563.
That is the only number currently in use.
The email address is yahyagoodvibes@gmail.com .
It is also not by choice that we have parted ways with Mpondasugar .

No one is at fault but I found it fitting to address the story because we also posted content together.
I apologize if anyone will feel disappointment but like I said no one is at fault , any story that will be relayed will not be true .
Thank you 🙏�🏻�
Yahya Goodvibes Mpondasugar Breakup
Yahya Goodvibes Mpondasugar Breakup

Shadaya would wade in the development likening Yahya to American comedian Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter, Lori, who was making headlines after her separation from actor, Michael B. Jordan.

Shadaya said Yahya was slowly replacing Lori Harvey and was finessing men like Argentine footballer, Lionel Messi who is known for his impeccable footwork. Shadaya wrote:

Yaya is slowly replacing Lori Harvey. Maan you can’t even h8te on that chick, she’s finessing them kunge Messi. Takamuudza kuti haungobve kumusha wojuma tumari wakutoti unoseva nenyama. Vakangwara kani, vanotanga vakuitisa, kunyatsokutetena tumari twese wosiiwa wave tsuro zvayo

Before Mpondasugar, Yahya once publicly shot her shot at Holy Ten, which would lead to their short-lived union.


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