WATCH| Chaos As DRC Bridge Collapses During Official Opening, Leaves Social Media Tickled


There was chaos after a small footbridge collapsed during its official opening ceremony in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and social media is howling.

African politicians have been notorious for some of the most outrageous public opening ceremonies.

In 2018, former Zimbabwean finance minister Patrick Chinamasa trended across Africa after he launched a rubbish bin.

Last week, a picture made rounds on social media of a water tap wrapped with ribbons, and an official was launching it, much to people’s amusement.

This time, politicians in the DRC decided to launch a small footbridge, and it did not end well.

Officials gathered for its official opening ceremony. The footbridge was meant to help people cross a river during the rainy seasons, as the old makeshift bridge would often submerge during deluges.

A group of people mounted on the bridge, which was less than two metres wide. At the end of it, a red ribbon was fastened across the rails, and one of the officials was set to cut it with scissors.

While they were on top, a group gathered below to watch the ceremony and celebrate the official opening.

The footbridge succumbed to pressure when the ribbon was cut, and it collapsed and broke into two as people stood on it.

The lady holding the scissors scurried to jump onto the surface, but her efforts were futile as a bulgy man who was close elbowed her so that he could save himself from falling.

She held onto the man tightly, as security details rushed to drag her from the fallen bridge. The one who was behind the lady managed to grab and pull her away. The rest of the crew kept hanging while those who were not fortunate, fell to the ground.

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The red ribbon was holding everything together.


And they will still blame colonialism and the West. Hai, Africa, my beloved, I’m done ???

DRC Bridge Collapses
DRC Bridge Collapses At An Official Launch Ceremony [Image: Screenshots from the video]

The bridge was trying to commission the commissioners first before they commission it.


I wonder how much they overinflated the budget to commission such a bridge.



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