Mai Titi Burns Wedding Gown Wedding Gown She Wore For Tinashe Maphosa


Controversial commedian and social media influencer Mai TT has decided to burn the wedding gown she wore for Tinashe Maphosa.

Sharing the video on social media she says this is how she is dealing with the pain of her break up.

Turn that Pain into Power Do not let it ruin you This was the most beautiful gown I ever worn and this is very personal to me . I ain’t gon sell it to anyone or give it away this is my pain
Mai Titi

Hundreds of her followers flocked to her inbox sharing different sentiments. Some even suggesting she should have the wedding gown.

“This s my personal issue between me and God . My personal pain all my tears are here . Not everything is for sale or should be given away .” She responded.

One of her top fans agreed with her while encouraging her to stay strong.

We all grieve in different ways , pain is part of healing process. Mai TT do what you think is best for you. It will get worse before it get better. You are a strong lady,keep fighting you are a hero🙏
Amai Alvin Sarah

Watch her burning the wedding gown:


Recently, Mai Titi shared how her ex-husband duped her of money revealing that the man is a scammer who uses vulnerable women


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