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Shocking|Bulawayo Woman Confessed On Bedding Own Son


Woman Beds Own Son

Strange as it may seem, a Bulawayo woman confessed to bedding her older biological son on three occasions.

The matter was exposed when her husband discovered underwear in their son’s bedroomed.

Sifelani Moyo and Media Hoboya had been married for 18 years and they had been staying together at Redbank Plot on the outskirts of Bulawayo.

Moyo interrogated his estranged wife and she confessed that she slept with their firstborn son who is in his early 30s.

“After I stumbled on her panty I got worried and suspicious that my wife was sleeping with my son and I confronted her over the issue,” he said.

“I took the panty to her and interrogated her over why it was in my son’s bedroom. At first, she denied but within a few minutes of interrogation she confessed that she slept with my son and that broke my heart.”

According to Moyo, his wife shared the forbidden fruit with his son three times.

After the bizarre confession tempers flared between the pair causing Moyo to vent his anger on his estranged wife.

“I was in pain and my heart was torn apart because I didn’t expect that she could do such a taboo and get into the blankets with my own son. I bashed her, after that she left to her paternal home in Cowdray Park suburb and since then she has not returned,” he said.

Moyo says after the incident his son also deserted home as he was wanted by the police for a crime he committed.

He says despite what his wife and his son did to him, he still loved them and was ready to let bygones be bygones.

“My wife still occupies a special place in my heart and I still love her despite what she did and I’m ready to forgive her and we settle down. And even my son I still love him and I’m ready to forgive him,” he said.

When Hoboya was contacted someone answered the call and refused to identify herself choosing to say:

“The person you are talking of assaulted Hoboya and burnt her with charcoal. And he (Moyo) was emotionally and verbally abusing her for quite a long time causing her to desert their home.

“We do not want to meet him or talk to him. Please stop calling us because we will do something bad to you.” B Metro


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