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Harare Woman shocked as she hears about her divorce in court for first time


A CITY woman was shocked after her husband revealed in court they had divorced.

Yeukai Chinhando’s protection order application, against her husband Funwell Mavhiza, for physical abuse, was dismissed for lack of merit.

She failed to convince magistrate, Rutendo Machingura, at the Harare Civil Court, about the reason for the application.

Yeukai told the court that Funwell is abusing her physically.

“I want my husband not to physically abuse and evict me from our house.

“On August 22, he assaulted me, he then forced me to vacate by throwing my bags outside.

“I came to apply for a protection order.

“He said I should return to my workplace where I usually spend my time.

“He has a tendency of calling my boss and coming to my workplace without notice.”

Funwell rejected his wife’s testimony saying he could not assault her since Yeukai is always at work.

“I want to tell the truth before the court, she was bringing a man into my house and having an affair.

“I then consulted her relatives and she started not returning home after work.

“She spends most of her time at her workplace yet we have children.

“Last month, I confronted her boss asking why he is having an affair with my wife.

“On August 24, I paid a divorce token to her parents and they accepted.

“She is literally not staying at home, she briefly comes and goes.”

However, Yeukai told the court that she was not aware of the divorce.

“I am not aware of the divorce token and I am shocked that my parents accepted it,” she said.


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