Nigerian Well Known Prophet Flaunts Championship Belt As He Claims To Have Defeated Satan In An International Spiritual Wrestling Match [VIDEO]


Nigerian controversial Pastor Odumeje Indaboski Bahose said he won a belt in International Spiritual Wrestling Championship after defeating Satan in a closed door match.

Pastor Odumeje went for the said wrestling match in hell fire alone and emerged victoriously and according to him, the said match had no referee or spectators, just Satan and Pastor Odumeje.

In a video that has surfaced on the internet, Prophet Odemeje is seen holding and displaying the said belt he claimed to have won following his match with Satan with no witnesses.

His claim has stirred funny reactions on social media. Whilst others bemoaned the level of attention Nigerians give to the preacher, others attributed it to a mental disorder which they described as psychosis.

Watch the video below;

Here are some reactions to this below;

emekamadugu wrote; Psychosis Also called: psychotic disorder A mental disorder characterised by a disconnection from reality.
Psychosis may occur as a result of a psychiatric illness such as schizophrenia. In other instances, it may be caused by a health condition, medication or drug use

vibeofficial wrote; Mtcheew Can’t believe people are being hypnotised by this guy
Later we go dey claim say we be Nigerians say we be hard people and our eyes open🤦🏿‍♂️

papvilla wrote Uhhhm, quick question… who was the refree that awarded him the belt? I’m asking for Jesus


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