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Human remains found at Nust University


Suspected human remains were found behind the National University of Science and Technology (Nust) students’ residential campus yesterday afternoon.

The remains were allegedly discovered by a member of the Bulawayo Fire Brigade that had been called to attend to a veld fire that broke out at the university yesterday afternoon.

The human remains are suspected to be those of a man as a pair of worn out male trousers was also found at the scene.

Pieces of a helmet were found nearby.

Nust’s director of communication and marketing Mr Thabani Mpofu said police were attending to the case.

“It is being attended to by the police. It is better you try and communicate with them,” he said.

Efforts to get hold of the fire brigade or the police last night were in vain.

A source told a Chronicle news crew that few people go to the area where the human remains were found.

“No one uses that route as it is a deserted veld. Had it not been for the fire, the remains would not have been found,” he said.

Another source said the fire did not reach the area were the human remains were found.

“The fire stopped right before the bones. The fire was very strong today because it destroyed a lot of vegetation. The man who found the suspected human bones immediately called his colleagues who came and they later notified the university authorities,” he said.

Source: Bulawayo24


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