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A Zimbabwean Student Named Tawanda Residing in Malaysia Committed Suicide By Jumping..read more(PCTS)


Zim Student Falls To Death In Malaysia

Tragedy struck when a Zimbabwean student died in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after allegedly jumping from a residential high-rise building in a suspected case of suicide.

The deceased Zimbabwean student has been identified as Tawanda Mafukidze. He was a student at Malaysia’s MAHSA University, a private medical university in Petaling Jaya.

It is not clear why the student took his own life.

On Wednesday, one of his lecturers at the MAHSA University, Khaarmeyni Jumbulingam frantically searched for Tawanda Mafukidze’s emergency contacts.

This was after he made a series of posts on Mafukidze’s Facebook page, in which he expressed an urgent need for information about his parents, relatives, and close friends.

The university lecturer wrote in three separate posts, all made within 15 minutes of each other,

“Anyone knows his mum, can pm me urgently.”

“I need Tawanda’s emergency contact.”

“I’m his lecturer at MAHSA university -his siblings or his close friend -can text me urgently.”

Tawanda’s aunt responded to one of the posts later.

Tawanda died after apparently committing suicide by jumping from a tall building, it was later revealed.

Zim Student Falls To Death In Malaysia

Tawanda’s most recent Facebook post, which was made 5 days ago, reads,

“Everyone deserves 2nd chance, so if U love 💕single mum, her kids are yours. Abusing innocent kids. Attracts munyama, misfortunes & chase away blessings 4rmyour life.”

This was the post where his lecturer frantically searched for his family and close relatives.

The news of his death was later shared on social media,


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