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Shadaya vs Celebrities | Social Media Decides On Who Won The War Of Words


Controversial socialite, Shadaya Knight is currently trending across social media platforms after a recent tirade he launched on women.

Shadaya poked a hornet’s nest with sentiments that if a man pays lobola for a devirginized woman it’s loss.

For an African man, the moment you decide to pay lobola for a wvman you didn’t devirgin, that signifies the defeat of your manhood. Lobola is a token of appreciation, so what exactly are you appreciating here, that other men didn’t see fit to appreciate?

Lobola is our culture, imagine denigrating our culture to celebrate a cultural delinquent. In our culture, virg!nity is of paramount importance. But here you’re celebrating the opposite, instead of shaming it, your ancestors will be ashamed. What a disgrace to your lineage…

And with your woke-ism you’ll defend your stup!dity saying “it’s not just about sex” well you should know the previous men got also those other qualities for free. She cooked, washed, cleaned for him. Nywe nywe it’s about building a family, well, she also gave him a kid(s)…

If there’s none, she probably has damaged her womb on contraceptives, family planning pills, jadel, morning after pills, heck even once or twice, she abort3d. Her womb is a mess, loaded with more chemicals than a laboratory…

If this was in football, what you’re doing is no different from breaking the bank for an old washed up has been player, instead of getting that player on a free transfer. How do you even look at yourself, aren’t you asham3d of yourself…

You have basically admitted that the men who had her before you are superior to you, what they couldn’t commit to, only you can. Settling for another man’s l3ftovers. Have some shame, what a disgrace. Learn or perish!!!
Reacting, a number of male celebrities, namely Kae Chaps, El Gringo and Baba Harare came out of the woodwork to defend their women;

Gehena hitmaker Kae Chaps wrote;

Funny part about all this drama is Kae Chaps and Shadaya are a bit similar in a way, they are both cry babies. However the difference is Kae talks about his ex (One person) and he gets paid for it where as Shadhaya is against the entire female gender for likes and retweets. Shadaya is a bitter person who desperately wants the world to revolve around him simply because he is not man enough to accept it for what it is. The guy will never be half the man Kae Chaps is because he doesn’t understand the basic principles that makes one 1. Minding your business (very important) 2. Accountability 3. Love 4. Respect 5. Gratitude We protect the weak, we do not trample on them. Understand that no one is perfect and all that matters really is someone’s will to become a better person. Lastly I was raised by a single mother because my father passed on when I was 4, the minute you disrespect single mothers you’re disrespecting me and trust me you do not wanna do that.

South Africa-based socialite El Gringo said;

The idiocy starts from thinking that you need to appreciate women for sex only, sex is is 0.001% of marriage there is a lot that is expected in marriage than sex and virginity what what, this guy has soo much limited information and problem he has been given soo much time and ears by man filled with insecurities and failure only thing to do is to take pleasure in saying shittyy stuff about the most amazing creation which is a woman how do you put value on a woman because if sex with all that you can appreciate about women for example birth and all you think about is i am having sex with somel who aint a virgin this guy is an idiot

And Baba Harare;

“The moment we feel as men we have a right to speak on women’s bodies and what is expected of them from a cultural perspective yatova toxic masculinity. Men are part of the equation of creating these so called cultural delinquents Let’s speak on our own gender. This is a very dangerous misogynistic message to put out there. There are male cultural delinquents out there. Lets speak on men who devirgin these women in the first place without any intention to marry them. It’s such an ablist view to lay all the blame on women. Tapindwa neiko boyz.”

Despite fighting a battle against the whole world, Shadaya maintained his ground and responded to each of them accordingly.

Fans had this to say on the war of words:

Tiffany Zonke Unique Mafunga

5 early years of your childhood will contribute to your entire life ,I feel sorry for him he actually needs therapy iri strong and to the poor girl he’s dating imagine having a man who mocks your other gender everyday…The mommy and the father should just say sorry to the guy shem he’s carrying a lot with him
Tinashe Dzvairo
😂�😂� 😂� It’s quite possible that as decades go by there could be another Bible, Starring shadaya ariye jeso weimomo. Nigga spits.!
Nicky Ntm

🤣�🤣�🤣�at least heartbreak ya Kae inomuitisa mari. Ko iye shadhaya yake zvayakamusiya ari bitter with a personal vendetta against the whole female race. Kae cries akananga ku bank kunotora mari from his views
Ali Tendai
Touch not our beloved President Honorable Shadaya
Tinashe Muzenda
Don know about story line, what i know z , Hapana virgin rinovenga shadaya…………
Nomore Baba Nocy Nhodo

You are right kae
But i still stand with the President Shadhaya


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