Home News Sad: ZiFM Presenter Tinopona Katsande Diognosed With Cancer

Sad: ZiFM Presenter Tinopona Katsande Diognosed With Cancer


Former Studio 263 actress and current ZiFM radio presenter Tinopona “Tin Tin” Katsande has disclosed that she was recently diagnosed with cancer.

In a long social media statement, the popular media personality encouraged women to get regular checkups after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Tinopona Katsande who also suffers from endometriosis said she only found out she had cancer after consulting doctors about an unusual discharge she was experiencing.

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She says she is receiving treatment and will be back to the doctor and see if the treatment is working.

She said;

Right, you know it hadn’t even crossed my mind that by sharing my cervical cancer diagnosis I would ignite even more prayer chains for cancer patients and survivors, solidarity/ support groups and dialogue platforms as it is doing . Wow. The past 24hours have been really exhausting I won’t lie. My inboxes are inundated with all sorts and im feeling so much pressure to respond timely to everyone but tjooo…Its all a bit overwhelming, really. Infact it’s probably the reason why I didn’t want to share this part of my lifes journey on a public platform in the first place. But , after the “gracious lady” ( stage 4 cervical cancer patient) I met outside Wilkins Hospital the other day spoke those haunting words to me. ” Tintin I know you want to keep this private but renember everything that happens in your life happens for a reason “ I knew in my heart that that kamaka calling kaye of being the voice of those who are afraid , or don’t have the platform as I do to speak out had kicked in yet again. ( asi Mwari uyu ka … haayaz. But I remain steadfast singing “,Itai Mponesi izvomunoda..” my most favourite United Methodist Hymn ) so I went ahead. You see all I decided I wanted to do was to encourage other Zimbabwean women to go for cervical cancer testing and screening because isu maZimbabwean hatidi kuenda kumaDoctor willy nilly because: 1. Its so expensive in Zimbabwe and 2 . we conveniently apply the ” ukaenda kuno tavska bvene mugumo unoriwana chete ” saying to our health too which is so off side this case.
Tinopona Katsande


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