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4 ZIMRA officers were taken hostage and held for ransom In South Africa,


On Monday night, four women who worked for the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) were taken and held for ransom in Musina, South Africa.

The four people, who work at the Beitbridge border post, went shopping in South Africa around 3 p.m.

“They were all wearing ZIMRA uniforms,” a source said. The people who did this must have known who they were after.”

Before ransom was asked for, the four were taken by gunpoint and robbed of everything they owned.

“The kidnappers asked for R10,000 to set them free, but they didn’t have it on them,” said the source. “The ZIMRA officers were told to talk to their colleagues at the border. One of them had a FNB account, so a transfer was made.”

Around midnight on Tuesday, the ZIMRA officers were let go.

“They spoke Shona, so it looks like they were from Zimbabwe,” the source said.

Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo, who is the spokesperson for the Limpopo Police, did not answer questions that were sent to him on Tuesday.

“We are still getting information,” a ZIMRA spokesman said.


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